valleys don't see the shadow of sunMature

shhhhhh!!!!!!!! the baby is sleeping now, With all the love of all the hearts, Kissing its smooth, tender, petal-like lips, Till the day it shall stop sleeping and start dreaming, And all this beauty and love shall fall, tremble down, Into transient memories of past no more dear, To the future of the baby darling's innocently dreaming, dream-filled eyes... Which can now see, even in sleep, the dreamless truth of love-lost reality.... The shame and pain and betrayal, All shall soon surface on the baby's matured face... And now, There is only the watermark of self-denying death, Standing high and erect, Upon the hopeless cheeks waiting and waiting Forever, for a blessed smile to fall From its little, betrayed, trembling, screaming lips Boiling in anger and fear and lonliness... Of the virtue of its own blood that was a gift from the blessed womb, Which now fails to recognize the invisible truth of its own gene....
The End

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