memories mourn;heartbeats fade;drama of life continues...Mature

I know I am not allowed to even dream Of murdering myself, Ruthlessly and empathetically separate my dear soul from me... 'Cause I am unlovingly tied to the breast of my family, Who gave me this body to cover my naked soul. I have lost all desire to live and smile... 'Cause my heart has lost its voice; 'Cause I was blind and also deaf For so long that, I pretended to hear not The voicelessly loud screams of my gentle heart, Whom I loved so passionately and so dearly!!! Now I write an elegy in memory of my dying heart! I respect the companionship my heart gave me and am proud, That I got a chance to breathe from the temple of my heart, Which so divine and so pure is filled with love unconditional and omnicient, To all my changing, unreliable faces of immaturity playing, Under the tall shade of my blooming maturity That would have ripened and grown fully, Had I given my life enough of the happy times it craved....
The End

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