Mea Veritas. Vestrum Venia. (My Truth. Your Forgiveness.)

                                                     I with-held the truth

                                                      from my friends and

                                                     from those around me.

                                                      I tell not the truth of

                                                         who those I love.

                                                 None would understand

                                               the tears my heart had shed.

                                                  I am not who you think

                                                    I am, and I am sorry

                                                  for not telling you who

                                                           I am truly.

                                                 Please forgive me for

                                              lying to you and putting

                                                on this mask, but you

                                               would not understand

                                                  why I lied to you.

                                               I cannot yet tell you

                                               these truths that I

                                                have hid from you.

                                                Many of you may

                                               have guessed that

                                                 truth of which I

                                                  speak off, and I

                                             ask you to keep silent

                                               about it until I am

                                             ready to speak of it.

                                          Forgive me, all of you.

                              Give me your forgiveness of my sins.

                              Do mea vestrum de mea peccatorum.

The End

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