I’m not them and never will be,
Why can you not see that I’m me not them?
I’m a different person to them,
And it crushes me that you cannot see me as me.

Each person’s map goes a unique way
Each experience of life leaves its own mark,
So why can you not see that this is my life?
Let me choose my own path.

Constantly comparing me to them,
Will not accomplish anything,
So why can you not see my achievements,
Instead of comparing my failure to their success?

So I wore a mask to hide my pain,
You never saw through it,
You simply thought I didn’t care,
Just shows how well you know me.

I grow up and learnt to hide behind,
A mask of indifference,
When you were not there I could,
Express myself and let out my pent up fury.

So now let me be free from everyone else.
No more say, why can you not be like so and so?
Leave me to my own path and them to theirs,
Know me for who I am not who I am not.

The End

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