I'm A Great White Shark

I circle prey in deep water

Teeth sifting salt water

Open mouth unspoken

Black eyeing the feeble

Bleeding from the gash

I opened In the cold ocean--


I politic-- playing

Swaying a finned tail.

I sense the injured flail of fear 

Haplessly splashing the surface

Arrousing my appetite. 

My dorsal breaches the waves,

Reaching for the stars at night,

And the sun during days.

I strike with spikes,

Ripping life,

Engulfing death,

Gulping meat with water

Like the lion eats 

Inhaling iron air.

I'm massive and bouyant.

Streamline since ancient times

Moving on

On my own alone accord

Erasing into the distance

Shrinking away


The End

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