Me As A Squirrel

The trees tower above my small form

restlessly thinking of how the world towers over me

how I wished I was bigger with a bigger impact

on those around me in this world we call our own

Instead of doing anything worth wild

i sit here on the ground all day nibbling on the same nut



I'll fling my tail around

make funky noises with my teeth

act cute because you know I am

seem innocent even though I can be tough

most find me to be sweet

others see me as a threat

others find me as a tease

I ignore them all


The winter comes around now

i hate the cold that rests bitterly on my fur

I'm going to make a change now

going to change the boring life of a woodland creature

I'm breaking the boundaries


Yet I find myself playing 'Cat and Mouse' 

with a creature that lives to indimidate me

I scurry up into a tree

and from there I will rest until the sun comes up


The End

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