Me as a Seagull

I call, head back,
Feet drawing warmth from sun-heated pavement
I call loud
I call long
I feel the strong vibrations in my tummy
And then I stop
And I grin
And I peer at you—you clumsy thing
Yeah, I know I look good in white

I draw my wings like curtains
And flap once
Flap twice
And rise, lazy
Into the warm air that has eaten of salt sea water
You blunder along my strip of beach
And when you drop something
It is, unquestionably mine
Finders keepers
You know the rhyme

I follow you
Parading my fine figure
At a respectable distance
Not curious, just prepared
I peck at a broken shell but my sharp eyes see you drop something
I wait till you go on
Wait past the ten second rule
Then it’s mine

I rise again with a triumphant shout
I know I look good in flight
Showing my bright grey feathers to the sun
Becoming a speck of white between two deep shades of blue
Calling, just an echo
A mocking laugh
At you

The End

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