Buddy the Hawk :)

I look to the ground

From up in the sky

Seeing many humans

Passing me by

They don't pay attention

They don't even see

How I glide with grace

It's this that undoes me

This why I fly higher

Why I go to the extreme

Cause I want to be noticed

I want to be seen

So I dive to the ground

And I eat my prey

No one turns to look

They just say

"Look a pretty birdy"

"Look at it fly"

"Don't look too long"

"It'll bite you and I"

They are scared

of the change I bring

They can't handle all

those new things

That's why I keep flying

Keep soaring, gliding

Hoping maybe one day

Someone will see

The grace, and beauty

The intellegence and power

Oh, I hope some day

They will see ME

The End

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