My Fallen HeroMature

Every gunshot honoring your life,

Every teardrop that I see,

Brings me back to the better times,

Of the fuck up that was me.


If I could only be like you,

Even for a day,

Would I have the nuts to risk my guts,

Or would I run away?


You told me I could be anyone I wanted to be,

The day that you gave us that talk,

'This community has what it needs to be strong'

You watched as I relearnt to walk.


I think you are a hero,

Unlike some of those in my school,

But no man who won't leave another behind,

Can be described as a 'f**king fool'.


Into the flames of hell you vanished,

Gone without a trace,

Saviour of the forsaken ones,

Abandoned by the rest of our race.


I watched you fighting,

For more lives then your own,

You were worth so much more then them all,


Then you vanished into ashes,

Fire and smoke,

Became just another name on their wall.

The End

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