End of CallMature

Pick up the telephone and make the call,
You know if you don’t do it now,
Then you wont do it at all.
Seven digits,
And the area code,
You wonder how you could be so bold,
You’ve know for three weeks now
And you’ve counted down the days,
Till he said he was
Going away,
You dial that number,
Listen to it ring,
And wish you could see his face,
As you imagine him looking at your name come up
While he has her in a loving embrace,

His voice husky with passion,
As he answers the phone,
Hey baby,
He tries to pretend he’s alone.

It’s over.
You hear him catch his breath,
Excuse me?
Sounds like he’s been sentenced to death.

I know where you are,
And I know who you’re with,
You’re a lying, cheating
Piece of shit,
I’m fed up of this game,
I wont play anymore,
You can pick up your stuff from outside the door,
I found out three weeks ago,
Saw you at the bar,
Taking her to our spot was just going to far,
Either way I don’t care,
You’re her problem now,
So I hope you have fun with that two timing cow.


DON’T interrupt me,
Don’t you dare,
You seem to have forgotten,
I no longer care,
You see you replaced me,
So I replaced you,
He’s on his way over,
Don’t call after two,
In fact now that I think of it,
Don’t call at all,


End of Call

The End

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