Chew up my heart and spit it out
just like a bad taste in your
sanctimonious mouth,
as you preach to me words that you don't even mean
and you try once again to make me believe that,

we were the salt of the earth that you created.
A life so perfect in a world so overrated.
So take a picture cos you know they say it lasts longer,
And in the end the loser fights to become stronger.

So, you fucked up your lies in your fucked up head
as you tried to realise to tell the truth instead,
now stand over me singing your playground songs
and get over the fact that you got it all wrong and,

we weren't the salt of the earth that you created.
We were a life imperfect in a world that slowly faded.
And the picture that you took? It will yellow in a leather frame...
For in the end every player gets played at his own game.

The End

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