If only that were true!

Do you remember when I last spoke to you?

What I said?

How I looked at you?

When I walk into a room, I wonder,

if you look at me and ponder, 

what's going on in my head,

talking to me trying to keep my

attention, because YOU want to talk to ME.

Watching the way I talk, walk,

my hidden habits that 

only you

see, because your thinking about me

The way I scrunch up my nose, tuck my hair unconsciously behind me ear only for it to spring out

that ineffective gesture, capturing your mind, your eyes glued to me

as I pause

halfway through my work, look up at the sky 

as my brain works furiously, 

as your brain works furiously

together but separate


Can you see me, laughing, hands over mouth,

shielding that smile, hiding myself

in that shapeless jumper,

touching my face, feeling, for what?

Always changing myself in the eyes of others

When you think, that I am just


The way I am. Those insecurities fade into nothing when you think of me.

But I don't know if you are

Thinking of me

The End

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