Out a window framed by fluttering white
The ocean washes in, washes out
Summer sunset floating on sea salt
A ceiling fan hums above
The click clack of fingers on keys.

The world is a constant whir
Of inner peace and contemplative thoughts
A blanket of words
A far away place
Weaving new lives with the beat of her heart.

Hair no longer short because of dedication to passion
Instead down as long as when she was a child
Everything longer, leaner, lighter, brighter
A multifaceted heart not quite so heavy
As 8125 days before.

Unlocked doors instead of walls made of steel
Not lonely and not alone
Spirals of sea air and sunshine
Making their way inside
Her heart in light instead of darkness.

Time changes the unchangeable
Silence turns to noise
There's not much to miss
About the days of old
But she misses them anyways.

The End

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