McYondis O'Dents

A poem based on a character within the fictional country of Felonia, located east of Estonia, which contains a distinct culture, language, and history.

McYondis O’ Dents


And so its been said, wither and whence,

That no man is known like McYondis O’Dents.

He travels to and fro, and has for many years,

Weighs just 15 shnoggles, and has no fears.

His trademark, the jingle of coins in his pants,

Gathered from others all across the land.

He preaches the Sheesin, tales spill from his chin,

Chanting words: Argus, Adondo,

Shneed, Shnod...What a Wando!

Bincus and Nevus, Fishfongo and Phelps,

Sumpy and Wumpy and even Treegelts

Little is known of McYondis O’Dents,

No one is sure if he is making sense.

But still he smiles, from ear to ear,

And brings laughter to all those who hear.

Yes, little is known of this great man,

Yet he is followed and famed by many a clan.

The next time you hear the clanging of dimes and pence,

You’ll scream out, “Avast, there he is! McYondis O’Dents!”

The End

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