MC, i thought you were more than alcohol and spite and faults but i just don't know anymore

she comes home drunk.

her breath smells like bad vodka 
tongue thick with alcohol
and she reeks of vomit

she threw up twice in the car

i don't comment. 

AQ ribs her for it, 
harshly tears her apart for her choices during the night
scolds her within an inch of everything 

and i 
watch from the sidelines

she is a mess 
and i don't know what to do 
i am helpless in the face of her helplessness

MC is drunk and tired 
she looks exhausted and fragile in the sodium lights of the hallway 
casting dark shadows underneath her eyes
the smudge of her makeup blacker with her head bowed low

her bones thin like a bird's

she looks like she could break at any time 
shatter like porcelain 
marrow about to snap into splinters

my sister is cracked glass and bright lights 
the stale smell of vomit and vodka
her hands shaking lightly against her thighs 

AQ herds her into bed 
pulls the covers over her shoulders
doesn't bother trying to get her to wash 

nobody can bathe these kinds of mistakes away 

and i still don't know what i can say 
watching my sister drunk and tired and asleep.

The End

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