Maybe This Is a MistakeMature

Maybe this is a mistake



I sit in a room full of people I love

And just sit there

I don’t speak

I don’t move

I just sit in the corner


I don’t want to hurt my family anymore

I know I am because you see their faces


The face of I know you’re in pain and I can’t do anything

The face of just gets over it

The face of just does something


But what do I do when that doesn’t work anymore

What do I say when I’m no longer happy with the people I love


See I know I’m hurting them

That’s the last thing I want

But I just can’t get out of this

Maybe this wont ever goes away

Maybe this is my life forever

Maybe I wont be able to ever be happy


All I do is hurt the ones I love

That’s all I’m ever going to do

Nobody is going to want to be with me


So what’s the point?

Maybe choosing to live is a mistake


The End

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