Maybe I Want

And maybe I want a rom-com

Maybe not

And maybe I just want a terrible rom-com

Life as a terrible rom-com

I want stupid fights about nothing and everything

I want moments so sugary sweet that your teeth will melt only to be broken by an awkward out of place comment that will either make us hate or love each other

or maybe make us laugh wich might even be better

I want it to be awkward and hard and just plain embarrassing 

I want to cry over how stupid I am or how stupid you are

I want to watch crappy action films, terrible comedies, even worse horror films and most of all my nerdy fangasms with you and be able to talk and cuddle troughout the whole ordeal because we'll both know that the plot won't really matter anyway

I want to completely mess up something, be moody and annoying and still be able to trust you to be right there

I want trust and honesty

I want irritation and anger

I want humor comedy and full on howling laughs and shrieks of pure joy

Some tender easy moments that won't even register as special anymore, because they aren't

They are just everyday life

I want all of this spread out over fifty, sixty maybe even seventy years

And maybe, maybe, I don'want that at all

Maybe I just want that experience

Maybe I just want to fall in love and see what happens

Maybe I'll read this years from now

Maybe I will have found someone like that by then

Or not

Maybe I lost someone like that by then

Maybe I will read this and sigh because I was so young and wrong

Or right

Maybe you'll read these words of your sixteen year old self  and laugh at how ridiculous you were, I am

Maybe not

God I hope not

The End

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