Maybe I don't want to be strong

Dedicated to J.D.F
Written on the 25th of January at 1.00am

Someone once told me that giving up and letting go
Made you stronger than those who can't say no.
But what if for once I don't want to say no?
What if I don't want to give up and let him go?
I want to say what I think out loud
I want him to hear and I want to be proud
If all I get from him is a no
Will I be able to keep my tears back and put my fake smile on?
No matter what his responce will be I want to try ...
I don't want to regret the decisions I've made in my life.
Will he think I'm nothing because I'm waiting for a miracle? for a yes
Should I stop fighting for what I want?
Now I got a question for you.....Is this all wrong??

The End

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