I saw you two Saturdays ago and since then you haven't left my mind

You wore a grey shirt and a charming smile and couldn't keep your eyes off of me

And I created a universe of maybes in my mind. 

Like maybe I get to take you home and maybe we have sex

Maybe I'll get to feel your hand stroking my body and

Maybe I'll get to touch - kiss - feel - you

And maybe it lasts all night long and maybe, in the dawn

Just when the sun rises and the soft rays dapples on my floor

Maybe we'll do it all over again

And maybe, just maybe I don't just get your sex

Maybe I'll get to hold your hand, and listen, and explore your mind,

Your thoughts, your theories, your laughter, 

What makes you tick? What can I do to make you smile?

Maybe you'll tell me about your favorite season, whether you're a spring or winter kinda guy,

Maybe I'll get to watch your favorite movies with you, sing old songs with you,

And maybe I'll tell you my secrets, my fears, maybe I'll let you in

I'll tell you all about the skeletons in my past, and I'll tell you my favorite color is yellow,

Tell you how much I want a golden retriever and how I love the rain but hate the cold,

How I love fireworks and cotton clothes.

Maybe it lasts, and goes a little deeper.

Maybe we'll fall in love.

The End

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