Tonight I’m giving it all up
So sweet, come, and sit near
I lived five months in loneliness
And twelve in utter fear

I grow sick of explanations
These happy endings hurt
Your smiles can run a thousand miles
But I have never learnt

So come not near without a knife
Unless you spell the end
I’ll die before your light goes out
For the lost, you cannot mend

I drain myself into these words
Pity I heed not
Why must I bleed for one more night
For his scythe, Death has dropped

I hold onto Time itself, 
I hate, yet I adore
For tightening around my throat
Comfort has become a claw

Animosities stand strong
My wrongs have made you right
But what went awry to make me cry
‘I am alone, this night’?

Murder scenes flit ‘round in my mind
Maybe reasons to why I’m dead
To kiss a snake is low, girl
Blow a bullet through my head

Never mind that I ruined her
My thoughts are just of my Heart
Who she kisses is of no consequence
But now, in death, I must start

This is the end of my riddle
And this is the end of my life
And this is the end of your torture session
But thus begins my strife.

The End

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