Math ClassMature

What I gained from math class

I sat behind the fattest ass to barely pass 

Scratched my head,

Snatched my pen,

Passed the time,

I passed again,

In math class, 

that's where I learned to rap, 

notebook in my backpack, 

Lacking facts, 

Acting slack, relaxing back,

In my seat till it collapsed in half,

That's the only fraction,

I didn't hate with passion,

I like to imagine,

Class never happened,

But when grades came back,

It transacted with reality,

Oh, there goes gravity,

Oh, put on maddcity,

Oh, he was mad but he,

Smoked, gave up that easy

Now its sad to see,

Add one two three,

Like two threes?!

Id have a better chance in hop Scotch missing two knees.

The End

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