Possession, affection, misdirection: material.

I let you cradle my entire heart,
As if you'd simply let it
Hang there. A broken
Piece of telephone wire,
Or some shard of glass
Will only suffice to tell
Of all the grief created
And destroyed again.
Time is telling,
Talking to the silence
Of remains across my floor.
It’s an iron bar, held back,
A rotating post that
Changes every minute
That your absent touch
Advances. The line
Along the cracked formation
And the sound ringing
Back and forth,
That echo I prepared
To wrap around
My filthy fingers. I clutch
At it, of course;
In every shattered mirror
Is the line, wrinkles old;
In every repetition,
Mimic of a reflection,
Separation apparent
To those who look
With a magnifying glass,
Or stop: they see my tears
Refracted across
Notebook pages, encased
In amber, where no gift
Ever existed to be looked at
By another. Such is your
Tongue twisting and turning
Over the bitter goodbye,
No quite so distasteful
When you yourself
Were the first.
Material exemplum
And my first thought coincide:
The partial entity of
My life; the trial in
Delusion, mismanagement,
Destruction of my physicality,
My room, objectively wrecked.
I entrusted you with my entire soul,
As if I knew you were going
To seize it. Snap off
Another possessive pronoun
When my body is your own.

The End

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