We've all been here.

I'll talk to you about gaming,
And we can talk about guns,
That's cool.
But this is the real kicker,
Because I'll be the one you talk to,
About girls.
'Nice boobs, nice bum, she's hot.'
'Yeah, she is, mate,
Get in there.'
See if I fucking care.
I mean, I do.
Eh, I'll just message you,
But not Skype, oh no,
So you can't see me sigh,
Roll my eyes,
And drop my head into my hands.
'If you like her, you should talk to her.' Man.
Yeah, I really don't like her.
Or her. Or her. Or her.
And I'll be the one you talk to
About the serious stuff,
While you drool over someone, anyone, it seems, else.
I'll just sit here, by myself,
And get meaner and meaner,
As you get keener and keener,
They'll break your heart,
While I'll listen and tell you they're wrong,
'She's nothing, be strong mate, be strong.'
Mm. Whatever.
I'll just go now, I think.
Back where I belong.
To the friendzone, all along.

The End

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