Future Dates.

Are you single Sir?
What are you looking for?
"I am looking for 2/3 kind of date"
"and then maybe perhaps a little more"

So you aren't even looking for a spouse
Just a brief or a casual fling
A relationship with no constraints
cause they are ever so frustrating

So then Sir, may I introduce
from the finest makers in Japan
a creature of latex and electronics
the perfect companion to a lonely man

Just turn her on and she will
do anything that you please
She will never say "No" to anything
With anything you say, she agrees

Take her to that first or second date
or take her out for some more
and if you aren't completely satisfied
just return her back to the store

What’s more you can control her from your phone
Just a few simple clicks and you'll never be alone
She'll cook; she'll clean, all the while being unseen
No matter is beneath her, no matter how disgusting

So then what do you say?
Will you give it a try?
Order one from
and your personalized companion enjoy.

The End

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