Massive Deconstruction

Crime shouldn’t exist

So get rid of the cuffs

Disrespect doesn’t sit well with me

So I stand up


For myself, I’m not helpless

But I will take any help

For myself


Praise the Lord

Put your hands up

Never let them make you sit down

Every time you try to stand up


Men, you guys need to man up

Stand up

Go and put your hands up


Never let them tell you what you can’t do

Throw it right back in their face and say “I told you”

Get you adrenaline pumping

Get your hands in the air, get your feet stomping


Now it’s time to get the trash out

It’s time for some dumping


I can’t tell you this enough

Turn the light on

So you can brighten us

Enlighten us, with your greatest skill

Time to get to work

But first, bring out the drill


We got some shoes to fill

Better yet, let’s bet

Let’s walk back outside

And pretend we never met


Do you feel the eruption?

It’s time for massive deconstruction       

The End

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