Mass Martyr

This is the first sonnet I've ever written. I'm quite taken with the form - I've always been a fan of Ol' Bill The Bard. I will almost certainly be exploring such structures more in the future. This one is done in a somewhat modern format and has no set meter, but it follows the ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyme scheme. I plan to include it in a larger project I am putting together.

When that critical moment presents

Will we all fall apart or stand with each other?

And when the heat of the battle relents

Will we own to our sins and absolve one another?


When set the antique sun but one day past

Our fires were lit and their weapons were drawn.

We watched the shapes within the shadows cast

And blinked away blindness at glorious dawn.


Theirs were the red hands when first blood was spilt-

Soon now shall we all bear that vermillion stain

As we dig up the bones on which the archy is built

And raise up our brothers, sisters, united in pain.


Let this be the truth which we prove on this hour:

That they have the bullets, but we have the power.

The End

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