Dark frames around dark eyes

This is my disguise

Blue feathers outlining tears

This is my disguise

There’s a rabbit at the punch bowl

And an owl dancing with a swan

This is my disguise

Lean my head against the wall


Cry myself away

This is my disguise

I’m the wallflower watching them dance

Prance and glance my way

Pitying eyes

This is my disguise

Poetry without rhythm or rhyme

This is my disguise

Lift up my eyes

To the flickering lights

This is my disguise

Miranda winks says, ‘Take your time,’

This is my disguise

Look back and see

Another bird making his way to me

This is my disguise

‘Hey beautiful, care for a dance?’

Who are you?

See right through my disguise


‘Why don’t you dance with your girlfriend?’

Face contorts in confusion

Why can’t I see through your disguise?

‘I don’t have one,’

Take his face in my hands

Stare up into blue eyes

This is my disguise

‘All alone?’

I whisper

Tracing his jaw with my finger


Take away your disguise

Hands pull away my mask

Someone tips back the flask


Falling fast

No more disguises

Giddy laughs

Rhyming, rhyming

Midnight chiming

Whoops and hollers

Confetti streamers

A kiss at the twelfth

The homecoming dance

Owls and swans

Dare to prance

The End

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