Maslow's Ten Wishes

Sort of a repudiation of Maslow's hierarchy I guess.


I wished for an end to my hunger

a round belly and full kitchen store

but cupboards again became empty

and famine returned ever more. 


I wished for a well with no bottom

fresh water to drink for all time

but soon became jealous of neighbors

tapping their casks full of wine. 


I wished for protection from danger

safety for me and my wealth 

but soon felt imprisoned by safeguards

and again longed to fight for myself. 


I wished for a beautiful bridesmaid

who's allure my desire would persist.

She left me in search of another

such perfection did never exist.  


I wished for communion with fellows

on brotherhood I sought to rely

but strife soon arose with companions

who each was as selfish as I.


I wished for esteem in my township

to be respected on city-hall stair

but often came by elder statesmen

to portion the tribute by share.


I wished for the gift of rare wisdom; 

to know, understand, and explore.

But each of my questions when answered, 

revealed how to ask many more. 


I wish only to recognize beauty

to find truth wherever it's shone

but purity's light shines so clearly

revealing the tinge of my own.  


I wish my last wish for acceptance; 

to embrace whatever life my birth gave

this last path so easy to follow

leads only footsteps to the grave.  


I ask for an end to this wishing

no satisfaction this long life portends

hear me ancestral children

and perhaps before death understand.

The End

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