It's about betrayal, being bullied and ostracised by people who were your so-called 'friends'

I rewind to my youthful summer days

And fresh vision is horrified to find

Friends worshipful, mask-wearing and weary

But plot your demise in the darkness behind


It's always the way when you drain yourself for others

Corrupted and torn this way and that

For the amusement of narcissistic lovers


I listened to messages cryptic, but all about me

It's amazing how much I found out 

If only for darkness to destroy and poison my strength

It's amazing how fingers are clicked

From one moment bliss, the next I'm drowning in doubt


I'm betrayed by those I'd given my heart for

Those I'd have stuck by and gone to war for

But they play out false feelings, clowns in a circus

Draining what was left of humanity, with keys to unseen doors


I'm trying to fight the tears but the truth is too much

I don't know how some men live and die

By the words and deeds of those

Crooked souls who don't give a fuck 


Condemn every last one, but it's hopeless

As little words haunt you, draining you of sense

Just another wasted breath at your expense

Just another bridge to burn, Is there an exit out of here

To run into the distance, beyond the world to disappear

The End

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