Mask of LiesMature

this is about a girl who is broken beyond and she is trying to deal with everything that broke her

When I look in the mirror I see a worthless girl covered in dirt from how many times She went 20 feet  in the ground.I see a girl the girl that never fits anywhere in the world becuase no one gets what it was like to be her. there's everyone else then there's me giving up on everything i could be.. She goes home and cries at night because the pain she was put through ruined her life.. She was told she was strong because she made it out alive but how ?? When she is never alright crying through the night.. Yea I'm smiling but look in my eyes I'm dying inside, I live in a mask of lies and it's all because of him , he made me so scared of everything that it makes me feel alone all this damage was done by him!! How could he do that to someone so little you were supposed to protect me not hurt me !!! Even now we're apart you still continue to break my heart! All the pain all the abuse that was all you... Yet you live perfectly happy and fine when I'm the one stuck crying at night !! I want to forget it and move on but the pain is much to strong

The End

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