Mary Loo Funley

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Mary Loo Funley,

A charming girl they say,

Went to the cow farm,

One lovely bright day.

Mary Loo Funley,

Wearing her denim overalls,

Picked Bessy, the cow,

Amongst them all.

Mary Loo Funley,

Bought Bessy home with her father,

Said 'I think Bessy's a boy',

'You're my silly daughter!'

Mary Loo Funley,

Watched her father laugh and cry,

Angered by his ignorace,

Uttered a loud 'good-bye!'.

Mary Loo Funley,

Brought Bessy to her room,

Bessy mooed and mooed,

And Mary wanted to hit her with a broom.

Mary Loo Funley,

Regretting her thought,

Dressed Bessy in fine clothes,

Out of her closet went everything she bought.

Mary Loo Funley,

Was a silly girl, she knew,

An imaginative little lassy,

New ideas always brewed.

Mary Loo Funley,

Lovely and sweet,

Brought Bessy back to the barn,

And gave her a treat.

Mary Loo Funley,

Closed the barn that night,

She walked back home,

The moon gave her light.

The End

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