Marks of the DemonMature

Just.. Something I came up with.
I need advice and help with it tho.

Carried away in a wooden box

Thoughts trapped inside

No heartbeat, no tears,

No remorse.

A single soul showed up

To throw roses as she


A single soul, shattered.

A single note

Of how fate works its cards,

How she dealt them.

The maiden, with the dark hair,

She folded on her first

Hand. Lifeless.

Played the game with nothing

Ended, with nothing.

As the roses fell, a lowlife

Peasant cascaded the dirt

Into the hole.

A hole filled with maggots, and other

Living organisms.

Not a place for a maiden.

The townspeople, they feared her,

She was as different as the

Scars on her skin,


As was the man, the man

Who laid down roses.

Her love.

He, as well, was feared, both


He was the only one to treat

The scars.

Demon marks, possessed by the Devil.

Nobody saw the girl inside, afraid.

Crying out, nobody heard.

Besides him. He carried her off

To a peaceful place into the woods.

His frightening exterior meant nothing to her,

He held her tight, and that’s what mattered.

The storms within her passed, and

She was the maiden everyone loved,

Full of live.

The man, thought he would lose her, afraid,

So every second he got, he tried to make it last.

They stayed in the woods, for awhile after that,

Sharing days, sharing memories together.

She was everything he needed.

And he was everything she needed.

Until that day.

Before dawn, she set out to adventure, leaving

Him a note.

She walked through the terrain, tripping

Every now and then, until she came upon

A river, one she’d never seen


She sat down, and gently

Poured the cool water  upon her

Beaten skin.

She was calm, relaxed,

A feeling of sanity flowed through her.

The water seemed to heal

The skin that could never

Be healed.

She ran through the woods, back

To the house, to tell the man

Of the new discovery she had found.

Oh, how happy she was.

She wanted to run back to town

Showing them how normal she was

Finally being accepted.

The man, had his doubts, but never

Voiced them, allowing her to

Go. Afraid.

She arrived in town, and the people

Greeted her with open arms,

Like they had accepted her this whole time.

They invited her into their house,

Invited her into their conversations,

And invited her into their lives.

The days went by, and she seemed happy,

Even though she left the man she loved.

He thought of her constantly,

Awaiting for her arrival.

She seemed so free, so at ease.

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain

On her leg. A burning sensation.

She let it pass, until more of her skin started to


She was afraid, and gently pulled up her


Redness,  swelling, blood

Came from the scars, that were hidden before.

They terrorized her skin,

Engulfing her body in agony,

She screamed, and the townspeople looked

And were disgusted.

They walked away, leaving her to her


The next day, the man got sick

Of waiting for the girl, and began to go into town,

Searching for his darling.

He finally found her, after hours of looking,

And kneelt down beside her, her body limp,

He skin battered, covered in blood.

He held her tight, and walked away with her

In his arms.

She was safe.

Nobody could hurt her now.

The End

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