Marked Life

In my story there are people called the marked which are the main characters, and the markings, since they were the cause of getting them marked. Every marked kind of goes through the same thing. Hence the poem.

Marked Life


Brought into this place

Our life they did steal

Just a big chase

If any of this is real

The works of clock break

Don’t want to be here

A soul they did take

Frightened from our fear


Life doesn’t last so long

As if never there

The falling boy song

Does anybody even care?

Saying bye to another

As we fight for our life

Forgotten by the other

Holding onto our strife


And the death key is good

Infinite we must find

Not like they should

Marked aren’t really kind

We are lost from our lives

Trapped inside

And marking still strives

The blue is not the tide


I am involved with Fate

With nothing left behind

Hope for the spectrum gate

And willingly we find

We are no good now

She I found

Everyone begins to bow

When we hear Piano’s sound


Now that I know

Life will go on

Markings will never go

I will go on

No longer at the top

The spectrum that flies

No one could stop

The one who dies?

The End

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