Marine Phenomena

Lingering, hidden in the depths of blue are creatures bizarre, 

of every hue.

The ocean-life photographer swam to and fro

to find things more interesting

than the fox or the crow.



Observing tangled seaweed

in a trip to the deep

who'd expect to find therein

an antlered leafy seadragon?

He gazes up

and you are faced

with an elongated snout.


The monster holds

and hides in his throat

the mouthpiece

of that colourful clarinet.


And what surprises

wait for one

amongst the wonders

of this world?


Oh look!

I see beyond those plants

fluorescence in a solid form.


The ringeye dwarf goby

looks at me

then quickly away.


The gentleman, you see, is

inclined to condescend.


One regards his monocles

and chuckles lightly at the joke.

The goby sniffs

and swims away

and one is left with an image 

of lizard-like features

and disproportionately short arms.


So we travel on

on what has become

the most wondrous journey

and we stumble upon


The incandescent cup coral.

The flames sway

miraculously in these

watery depths,

with the tentacles searching out their prey.


Even here, the fires consume...


And yet more parallels are to be seen

between this world and the next

as we chance upon a sea cucumber -

a caterpillar of the sea.

The black and white stripes

and yellow polka dots

inform me that I'm regarding

an underwater fashionista.


The last thing of note

on this underwater tour,

though surely you realise

there are many, many more,

is the yellow-spotted pipefish:


A dragon-like character

who aspires to be like the crocodile

imitating him in colouring.

(But you don't have the heart to tell him

he is to small to be taken very seriously.)


So now we leave the creatures,

having interrupted their lives quite enough

and return to our own world

of Air and Men

though still on the lookout

for marvels so precious.   

The End

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