Maria, Maria…

I left her behind
Boarded the plane
Never looked back
I left Maria behind…

Have you seen Maria?
Cannot find her anywhere
I turned my back on her
Thought it be better without Maria

Now, I don’t know where she is
I don’t know who she was
I don’t know who I am
I left Maria behind…chose to forget

A strange land, a new name
Maria, Maria, I chose to forget
A strange language, nothing the same
I left Maria behind, and never went back

One day, I heard a voice
A voice called for Maria
As I looked back, and remembered
That I left Maria, a long time ago

What  I didn't know...
And have been searching ever since..
Searching for Maria...
And realized, as I heard the voice
That it was callng for me...
That Maria and I are one and the same..

The End

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