Many Masters

We think that we are "free", but we arent't . From the day we are born, we are sold into slavery. It  then takes on many forms; religion, family, work, mortgage, emotions, fear - anything and everything. We are all slaves to something. We are truly never ever free. But then one might say, what is a person without some baggage, mental or otherwise? I don't believe humans can be totally free - ever. It's just who we are. It might be near to impossible for us to leave everything behind and become free, unencumbered.

A man cannot many masters have
but at everything he must slave
at work he pleases his overseer
with his spouse too he must behave!

Each has many expectations
and their demands must be met
Delays are met with infractions
and the poor man made to regret

From birth sold into slavery
and he is until his dying day
Imprisoned behind relationships
Never to rule, but to obey!

The End

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