Many Earths

Was reading the novel "Long Earth" and wondering what that would be like. Just switch on that device and be transported to a place that no one has visited or even knows. Could be magical.
Something like that movie Oblivion, where Tom Cruise escapes to that private valley of his. It would be nice.

Imagine an earth with pastures green
its only inhabitant a solitary one
The air he breathes so rich and pure
For him alone does burn that sun

Into this private paradise escape
away from this world despised
to lie down beneath a starry sky
from there watch that lovely sunrise

Would you such a paradise share?
into this private haven invite another ?
could you keep away the greedy hordes
lest they ruin what you by chance discovered

Life is indeed such a mystery
the mind often such a turbulent mess
at times find comfort in a crowd
and at times even is solitude blessed

That may be why the gift of worlds
has deliberately from us been kept away
Our natures violent, so uncontrolled
can we be trusted to mend our ways?

The End

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