Two sons of God who equal were
Stood on their plots of ground

Two sons of God who equal were

Stood on their plots of ground

On Heaven’s splendid landscape waiting

Their turn to go down


Both men had sketched a million times

The mansions they had planned

To build there by their faith and works

Once placed on earth to stand


And face the trials and tests that God

For them had there prepared

But once there, differences evolved

In for what things they cared


For even though one kept his eyes

Fixed on his home above

The other looked out at the world

And what he saw he loved


For many riches it did hold

With splendid mansions there

Then whisper came from darkness tempting…

“This just isn’t fair”


“Why should you have to wait so long

To have all that you please

Right now a mansion you can have

Just simply follow me”


And so he built upon this earth

What should have been on high

And all the while, the other man

The narrow path did try


To follow, taking close to heart

The counsel of the Lord

Selling what he had of worth and

And sharing with the poor


And so it went, each man lived on

Until that fateful day

When both were called back to behold

What on their plot did lay


The man who had forsaken all

In gratitude did see

A mansion built beyond compare

His for eternity


The other man did gaze out in despair

At what he found

For all that lay before him was

An empty plot of ground


Then God spoke out with sorrow to

This man as he explained

“No mansion can I give you else

My words would be in vain”


Two sons of God once stood in Heaven

Both with equal chance

Two sons of God each lived a life

And dealt with circumstance


Two sons of God who now are symbols

Held for all to view

Two sons of God who stand for all…

Which son of God is you?

The End

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