Mannequin Bodies

About someone who abuses others with no regard for their value as human beings, seeing them as objects if they can't fight back. Let it be physical, emotional, or even worse, no abuse is okay. No matter how well they try to cover up their actions, someday they will be cut down as ruthlessly as their victims were.


Caress the helpless mannequin bodies

Pretend the plastic is real

A graveyard of dying innocence

Laid out like a meal


Corrupt the fragile flowerbud dreams

Pretend you're not yourself

A collection of sweet symbolic murder

Sitting on a parlour shelf


User, abuser, silver-tongued loser

Wandering eye and wordplay sly

Riddles hissed, cheeks kissed

Inch your way close to their weak flame

You won't get burned; you won't get blamed

Lie until your tongue gets tired

But one day a victim will wake

Shatter the glass

And cut it out


Pose the worn-out mannequin bodies

And feel so very powerful

Coat the skin in liquid shame

Caught in the web, now, burned and maimed


Swallow the lost lambs one by one

Their bleating makes you feel alive

The shepherd comes to collect his flock

The bogeyman arrives to mock


Youthful believer and waiting deceiver

When nightfall comes you'll be there to receive her

Tooth-laden maw and filthy paw

Languishing like a worm in a wound

The burning need to use and consume

Lie until they love you again

Until fear hardens into hate

You made a mistake

No more will you take


Watch as the beautiful mannequin bodies

Rise from stillness and take back their souls

They were real before you came

Now you are burned

Now you are blamed




The End

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