I’m always waiting for something

A bus,

A text message, sometimes both

When you’re waiting you don’t call it anticipation

They call this sensation restlessness

My heart beats in time with my feet

And suddenly my heart is racing ahead

The impact of it could crack my ribs

Oh there’s nothing worse than a bleeding heart!


And my heart keeps beating

Can’t you hear that thunder?

I can feel the strike and the aftermath

I can’t fix it and I certainly can’t take it all in

Pounded with another beat of thunder and another

And yet another…


I get up abruptly

I want to run even if it’s in circles

I want rip at my clothes and writhe on the floor

I want to do something!


But I stand here looking through these blank windows

I walk stiff legged on

All I see is monotony

Even the clouds move the like soldiers in a line


God damn you!

Time ticks away

I can’t hear it but I feel it’s weighed hand

Touch me before it’s too late

You can pull at my hair

Force me to see only you

It’s what I want anyway

I want to feel you against me

I don’t want to stare at words

Or read between the lines

I want a manifestation!

The End

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