Mandatory Amnesia

Another poem the Muse just sent me. I hope you enjoy it.


We are swarming in a loophole of the stranger, higher kind

where remembrance is just one thing we will not always find

For if we knew what lay beyond

Escaping would seem quick

an easy way out would soon commence

to break free from this trick.



If I could remember

what it was like to be afloat

in a sea of All and Everything,

a soul inside a boat

where all others are drifting in their lives and memories

watching as the plot unfolds, waiting for a chance to see


If I could shake off these restraints

and flutter like a bird

to a place of peace and harmony

a world of little words

it would be an honor to see the higher seed

and not the trash and tinsel of the people and their greed


If I could take the hands of the beings who tell no lies

The things who cause no pain

the protectors and the wise

this pain and all the loneliness would seem like just a dream

A thick and hazy dream

is all that it would seem


All the other lives we've lived

are the distant, clouded kinds

experiences we don't recall

but us they always find

imprints on our higher selves

and check marks on our lows

it takes a while to find our smile

and open up to know


This strange and twisted Chess game

in which we are the Pawns

is the blueprint we were birthed in

the path the cosmos spawned

it may seem dark and sinister

but remember this, my friend

no matter how far we're falling

the suffering will end.


If we could sail together

in the ship we came here with

and forget the ghosts and memories

that exist merely as a myth

This schoolroom we have learned in

would seem so far away

yet the scars would still be engraved there

and on us they would stay.

But without them we'd be clueless

as to what we truly are

so let the lessons teach us

how stars shall travel far



And if I could remember

how or why I happened here

or the reason for injustice

the cause of every tear

this knowledge would be helpful

but where would the learning lie?​

for this is how we grow our wings

and discover how to fly.




The End

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