Manager to Mother

She said I want to be a mother.

These words froze me.

She was an old manager of mine. When I'd spend my days on the phone, sold products like stones thrown at houses of customers whose windows were only mildly less valuable than the stones I broke them with...My manager look bored, So I asked her... "What would you rather be doing than this?" she said "I want to be a mother."

At her managers post she earns more than most but would rather play host to...a baby girl or boy, trade orders for toys, she'd write work programs for her maternity like vows on how somehow... She and her partner would raise a baby.

I asked her... "That woman you're with... Do you love her?"... Yes.

I couldn't find the words to articulate how I felt so I told her what she said make me feel like the opposite of my heart breaking.

I don't know much of her past. But with me having more unexpected oddities than anything you can purchase for less than 73p from BnM bargains I know how hard it can be to be anything less than normal.

And despite how far we've come in accepting women who love women or men who love men, I wonder how many people have told her... She couldn't be a mother without a father around. Whatever deep-rooted bigoted or religious grounds they may have found, it's not an excuse to put you down. They'll turn their feelings into frowns wear their ignorance like crowns and do everything they can to prevent you wearing a wedding gown.

You wanna know what I think. You wanna know what I know.

Love requires patience. And patience is a liver. It can handle a lot of toxins and forgive a lot of poisons, but overload it and it will die. For that reason... I went through puberty without a dad around. I had one war monument of a woman to ensure that I would grow to be a man who wouldn't poison livers. That compassion would be my arrows and respect would be my quiver. I'd send shivers to the spines of anyone who dared me to be anything less than everything they could see and... That I'd be a boy to be proud of.

A woman and a man gave me bricks and cement, but only one woman helped me build a home in me... So imagine what two can do.

It's such an outdated cliche just because you're gay doesn't mean you can't raise kids the right way.

Do you think two grown men can't change a nappy?

Can't stitch love and care into the clothes that child would wear, they pull out the hair stressing about the same questions that a straight dad would...

How warm should this bottle be? Is it normal for him to eat this much? Is now a good age to have the talk?

You can be a child's guardian but father or mother is a title that must be earned and with no doubt I believe you'll tick every box.

You've been mum to this office floor for more years than I've even spent in employment. Your throat holds a resume that shows caring for others gives you enjoyment. And when you make the transition from manager to mother, I know your child will be loved like no other.

The End

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