Man of mine

At el cafe teatro, they give you a new frosty mug for each beer you drink. I don't think so!


Fill my cup.


fill it up.


I've already printed lipstick here

on the rim of a certain cup

which I wish to keep as mine.

If you don't mind

it's why I ask

If I can keep

my favorite glass.


But if you care

then would you dare

to trade this lovely cup?

for one pristine and polished up?

that doesn't have the slightest hint

or tint

of my lip print?


I tell you that today,

I'm set in my old ways.

For I could drink from any cup

my lips are trained to do as such.

But drinking from a glass like that,

a stranger set on my place mat,

fills me with a grief-

a longing deep

that empties me.


So if it's not too much,

please, let me keep my cup. 


I'd craved to see a sign from you

That I now see as residue,

Stuck upon my cup.

and imprinted on my mind.


I love you.

How I love you!

Man of mine.

The End

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