a girl friend I made and lost again.... the bond will never be fixed or the same... but at least we are talking again



for within you

lies valleys of care and wonder

with hugs and kisses around every corner

how marvelous it is

to be part of your dreams


strawberries, chocolate sauce and girls night

I appreciate how you shine in my life with sunlight

swaying hips and singing lips

fun with you priceless and full of adventurous trips


I don't care if it rains or shines

or if you need to just be left between the lines

with you I'll always shake it loose

so much fun flying together on the back of a goose


you teach me acceptance and grace

with an attitude of humbleness 

thanx to your love in this unknown place

life in China's chaos.. filled with joyful happiness


You are a gorgeous playful fox

piercing eyes and presence gleaming

your colors and identity leaves people dreaming

of family time and Christmas presents in decorated socks


God Blesses your life well my beauty

just look at what you have to show

an abundance of giving and

politics and history

your knowledge shared in seven fold


Thank you for opening your heart

giving and taking trust even in the dark

life with you have become richer

I will cherish our season forever

memories of good and growing times together




The End

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