Mama, I've Decided That I'm Gonna Die In May

Uhm, this is a poem/song I found in my notebook.

Mama, I've decided that I'm gonna die in May
That way, when you bury me, the skies won't be gray
And the sun will shine when it comes time
To set me in my sleep, my soul will see death's harsh beauty
Lying in my grave

I know my death won't be a surprise
To all who've lived and all who've died
Their bodies rest in cold-hearted stone
Their faces crinkled in Father Time
So cruelly twisted to maintain life
And all the tales within all the lies

Mama, you'll see me lying there
Green eyes closed, red flaming hair
But Mama, don't you dare start to cry
Because I'm still here, and I'm just fine

Mam, please remember all the things you forgot to say
Like, "Baby girl, you look so beautiful today"
Don't forget to live your life
And come visit me sometimes
But remember, they all need you, so you gotta stay

Tell me you'll look up in the sky
And pretend the stars are alive
And miracles come true in nursery rhymes
But love exists, remember this, and kiss my face goodbye

The End

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