Making Sense Of It All

It's about trying to solve one problem at a time, but find it's impossible to hold onto the person you love most because you're struggling to live

You're banging your head against a wall

The world brings it's weight to crush you

Stuck in a demise of your own making

Struggling to make some sense of it all


I'm turning my head left and right

But any hope has long since left my sight

I write these words looking for some sorta comfort

It doesn't mean a thing to them that I'm suffering


Trauma springing from the ashes of doubt

Another pain you could've done without


Slamming your fist into the wall

The world's problems, all for you to bear

Trapped in a coffin of your own panic

Nothing makes any sense at all


I'm running around, circles ever deeper

If only I could just get to sleep

I write these words for my feelings to ebb and fade

What is quiet at night,  screams at me in the days


Trauma springs from the ashes of doubt

Another pain you could've done without

Heart's pain rising to destroy your worth

There's no place you could run to

Run away from the woes of this earth


I'm only afraid, and I'm close to losing her

I'm a man weakened, molded by the woes of the earth  

I hope to write perfect words, words to make her stay

But as I say "I love you" 

The meaning is lost in the screams that remain

The End

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