Making choices

I didn't know what to write, but seeing as this was my first solo poem,I decided to write it about making choices, hence the title.

I didn't know what to do at first.
Thoughts were racing through my mind...
You have to make choices in life
No matter how big or small
You might feel thankful for something,
But you have felt the pain and anger from regretting

They will change your life somehow
But i hope that whatever choice you have made
You are happy with it,
because once you have made it,
There is no going back,
No matter how much you wish.
You can make things better,
But you will not be able to erase it,
From who you have hurt,
and mostly,
That would be yourself.

But it's nothing to be sighing over,
move on,
As everyone says:
Lifes too short,
It's not worth what you are regretting over.

Listen to your heart,
Listen to yourself,
Listen to your soul,
Listen to your inner self,
That's how you make choices in life.
I hope you know.
I hope you are happy with who you are and what you have.

I hope you have made the right choice.


The End

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