Personal Essay

I started seriously acting during the summer before my 6th grade year. The play was Guys and Dolls, and after discovering how much fun that was I went on to act in many other plays. At the start of my sixth grade year I tried out for a role in a play adaption of an older movie called 'Wait Until Dark', I made it to the final two, but I was turned down for the role because I was just a little to old. In the fall of my sixth grade year I tried out for 'The Wizard of Oz' and got the part of Head Winkie. As we neared our first performance I volunteered my services in helping the other Winkies do their makeup. The directors were happy to not have to hire a makeup artist for our group, so they enthusiastically agreed. I went in with a small makeup kit, but after the 3rd show I had to buy $20 worth of makeup, most of which I thankfully still use. The next show I did, 'Annie', I volunteered to do makeup yet again, but this time for the entire cast. I was surprised by how rude people acted toward me, and I ended up almost in tears after two girls screamed at me. Later they came up and apologized for their harsh words and helped me to put makeup on some of the youngest cast members, our little 8 and 9 year old orphans. Every show I've been in since "Annie" I've done makeup for the entire cast. Because in the end, it'll always be fun.

The End

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