Makeshift ExistenceMature

It's about how little opportunities we have to do anything with our lives, and about living as a long-term unemployed, and trying- but failing- to do something about it

Down and out for a lifetime

All it seems to be is a race to the bottom

And walking on a fine line to being homeless

This life gives nothing for dreaming

If I could I would

I’d take you away from here this evening


I’d rather live in an existence that’s makeshift

Then stay here with my ghosts and the same shit

But there’s no way to escape this

There’s no way to out run it

There’s just no way out for me now


T.V. blurs out the same message of recession

Figures and statistics

Knocked back and forth in obscure battles

But it means nothing in the grip of this depression

Am I nothing but another number?

Am I just another victim, nothing but cattle?


Yet again I’m told to seek a job

As if I’ve done nothing else in my adult years

As if there’s anything to call a career

A brief glimmer of hope stolen away

And they say these are the best of my days


Stuck between free labour or nothing at all

Held hostage to a system designed to belittle

And those on higher seats rush to condemn me

Denounce me as lazy

Hammer smashed a soul that was already brittle

The End

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