Makes good eye contact; talks freely

I don't want to be here. Make it all go away.

"What's made you upset?"

I don't know.... I don't know what to say.

Makes good eye contact, and talks freely.

Doesn't seem overly depressed. (Is she really?)

"Let's raised your dose; 100mg should do."

Unless it knocks me out, I don't believe you.

No thought disorder.

Note: 2012, death of mother.

Lives with boyfriend, or with father and brother.

"Did you get all of your exams done?"

I inform him that I missed one.

"Are you optimistic about the new semester?"

The last wounds are just beginning to fester....

I try to explain that I feel like an actor

When I come in here; he doesn't think it's a factor.

I need to get out, I need some air.

"See you next time. Good luck, take care."

Does this help? Does it, really?

Doesn't seem overly depressed.

Makes good eye contact, and talks freely.

The End

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